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Vascular disease is one of the most common aesthetic problems that is of most concern to women and can also lead to long-term complications. Vascular spider veins and varicose veins arise due to malfunctioning blood vessels. Blood can not overcome the force of gravity and accumulate in the veins dilating.

There are some factors that favor the appearance of varicose veins, such as long standing or sitting, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal disorders, contraceptive use or genetic inheritance.

For small-sized reticular varicose veins, spider veins, broom filaments, etc. And microvarices, the LIPOART Clinic offers you several treatments to eliminate varicose veins successfully:

Sclerotherapy or Vascular Sclerosis Technique

Today the treatment of varicose veins of medium and large caliber is simplified by the application of a new and revolutionary method that eliminates all the varicose network without surgical interventions, without scarring and with an immediate incorporation into the active daily life: the SCLEROSIS WITH FOAM , which allows a comfortable and effective treatment.

It consists of the direct application of a sclerosing substance that nullifies the varix and, consequently, causes it to disappear. It is a simple process that, at present, represents the most effective and less aggressive alternative for the treatment of this type of problems. This technique is performed on an outpatient basis, without surgery, without anesthesia and without scarring.

A variant of this technique is vascular sclerosis with microfoam, usually reserved for larger veins.

Photoesclerosis or Vascular Laser

The laser treats vascular lesions and does not affect the tissue surrounding the varix in any way. The laser passes through the skin, without damaging it, and coagulates the blood from the varicose vein. Over time, the body reabsorbs the clot and the varix disappears.


Another technique that we can use is the ELECTROSCLEROSIS , in the case of the microvarices inaccessible to the sclerosis with needle, a technique of electrocoagulation with teflonada fine needle is used.

Sclerotherapy, photoesclerosis and electrocoagulation by radiofrequency are not alternative but complementary treatments. In fact, in LIPOART, we combine them to reduce the treatment time in half, achieving the best result in the shortest time possible.

Unlike surgical treatment, these techniques do not need to rest during or after treatment. Incorporation into daily activities is immediate .

Previously, a general and hemodynamic study was performed to rule out alterations in the deep venous system, blood clotting or possible contraindications to treatment. It is developed through periodic sessions until completely clean the varicose network. You will need to wear elastic restraint (special socks) for a few days and take an oral and local supportive treatment.

Rest is not recommended . You should walk daily and after each session for at least 30-40 minutes.

The ideal date for these treatments is the period from autumn (October) to spring (April or May). That is, taking advantage of the fresh climate that allows us to better support the compression stockings and helps produce a peripheral vasoconstriction (or narrowing of the veins).

In the visit of information and valuation we will make a small study of the extent and intensity of your problem. We will give you a quote, and we will explain the whole treatment process, if it is indicated.

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