It is a term that derives from subcutaneous incisionless surgery, which means subcutaneous surgery without incision.
It is a simple surgical procedure that is performed in the following way first infiltrates each of the depressed scars or cellulite wells and with precise instruments the fibrosis is broken allowing a new tissue to be produced, the factors of the coagulation are activated Fibrinogen present in the plasma will be transformed into fibrin, the granulation tissue penetrates the fibrin which will be replaced by vascularized fibrous tissue, with consequent tissue expansion and elevation, resulting in the removal of the treated wells. There are four sessions, one approximately monthly, according to the evolution.
Subcision is a process created for the treatment of atrophic scars, it may also involve the separation of the skin tissues from the scar tissue to allow the blood to stagnate, forming connective tissue and scarring upwards. Both processes are always performed by licensed professionals, and the patient can be under local or general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis.
This treatment recommended by Dr. Barciela to remove without surgery all depressions in the skin: wells or hollows caused by cellulite, by injections, by liposuctions, etc. It is an excellent technique for very depressed scars.
It is a minimally invasive technique, performed in the office, in the procedure room with local anesthesia. It consists of interrupting the fibrous tissue under a depressed scar. This pack of fibrous tissue rich in collagen can serve as an anchor that connects the underside of the scar to the underlying tissue.
In the subcision of the scars, Dr. Barciela uses precise surgical instruments to break this fibrosis. This elevates the base of the scar, decreases the depth of the pit and improves the appearance of the skin.
While it is not possible to completely erase a scar, the subcision procedure can make a depressed scar less visible or less conspicuous.
This technique is excellent for very depressed scars such as BOXCAR.


Adverse effects of surgical intervention include, swelling, bruising, and pain. Patients may take up to a week or two to recover, depending on the procedure, size and depth of treatment.
Surgical time 45 min.
Anesthesia Local by infiltration
Hospitalization Does not require
Recovery 7 – 9 days
Results 1 month


The price of Subcision comes with All Inclusive (no surprises):
  • 1st Consultation of evaluation of the areas to be treated.
  • Pre-treatment analysis.
  • Photographs are taken of the area to be treated


  • Subcision is a safe procedure
  • Under local anesthesia.
  • The results are definitive.
  • Recovery is fast.
  • Ambulatory technique (you do not need hospitalization).


  • People who want to give volume in localized areas depressed , as is the case of well-known cellulite and acne scars.
  • Persons who have undergone surgery (Cesarean section, appendectomy, lipectomy) and their scar presents a depression that anchors deeper areas of the dermis.

The Subcision in Mallorca is a simple and quick operation to perform. In our clinic we follow the following steps:

The day of the intervention:

  1. Taking medication prior to treatment. Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing prophylaxis if needed.
  2. Photographs are taken of the area to perform the Subcision before and after the treatment to assess the final result.
  3. Marking the area to work. The patient is then laid down on the stretcher.
  4. All skin in the area is disinfected before beginning the procedure.
  5. Local anesthesia is given and small incisions are made in the skin of approximately 2 millimeters.
  6. A local anesthetic solution (Klein’s formula) is infiltrated with thin needles.
  7. Close the small incisions if necessary.

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