Facial Mesotherapy is a medical-aesthetic facial rejuvenation procedure for skin aging, which involves the application to the dermis of small doses of substances such as high intensity hyaluronic acid, essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements that are used for the prevention and The treatment of skin aging, to achieve a therapeutic effect

This treatment is aimed at improving the flaccidness of the face and neck as it hydrates the skin in depth and stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. It is the perfect treatment to return skin support in two sessions.With this technique we achieve:

  • An extra moisturizing and a more luminous skin, smooth and young.
  • Reduce flaccidity and stimulate fibroblast activity, improving cell regeneration and skin hydration.
Surgical time 1 hour per zone
Anesthesia Local
Hospitalization It is not required
Recovery 2 to 3 days  


Who can perform Facial Mesotherapy? Patients from the age of 30, although there is no age limit, with facial aging, sagging, dark circles, loss of facial fat and scars.


Who can not do Facial Mesotherapy?

  • Persons who have undergone surgery in the area to be treated and at least four months have not elapsed.
  • People with certain diseases or pathologies, which is why your doctor should do a previous medical history.
  • If a corrective treatment or plastic surgery has been performed and at least four weeks have not elapsed.
  • Acute or chronic skin diseases.
  • Infection or inflammation in the area to be treated.
  • People allergic to the product.


What is the technique of Facial Mesotherapy? The technique of Mesotherapy consists of infiltrating hyaluronic acid, vitamins and homeopathic medicines through micro-injections painless in the affected area. It is a very safe and fast technique. The treatment is usually done following the following 2 guidelines:

  • 1 session every 15 days for 2 or 3 months.
  • 1 maintenance session every month or a month and a half.


What should be expected with Facial Mesotherapy? With Mesotherapy Facial we can tighten the skin and counter the main signs of aging reducing skin flaccidity; Also provides the following benefits:

  • Appearance and quality of the skin.
  • Attenuation of wrinkles.
  • Lifting or stretching effect.
  • Elasticity
  • Moisturizing and moisturizing
  • Cellular nutrition.
  • Facial rejuvenation.
  • Elasticity of the skin.

What kind of substances infiltrate Facial Mesotherapy?
• Vitamins.
• Antioxidants.
• Silicon.
• Nutrients.
• Minerals.
• Uncrosslinked Hyaluronic Acid.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Facial Mesotherapy
Is the treatment painful?
It is not painful since topical cream-like anesthesia is used before mesotherapy, to neutralize the undesirable effects of the punctures.
How long does it last?
The treatment can be done in about 45 minutes.
Where is the treatment performed?
The procedure is outpatient and is performed in a treatment box of our medical center.
When can I do it?
It can be done at any time of the year.
How do I know which product to use in my particular case?
After the medical examination and the evaluation of your case, our aesthetic doctors will recommend the best product depending on your needs.
Can I put makeup after treatment?
You can put cosmetics and make-up without restrictions.
Should I have any personal care after treatment?
It is advisable to use sunscreens with a factor of over 50 and hats.
Will it last me for a lifetime?
The products of mesotherapy are absorbed and will need to be applied again.
What side effects does the treatment have?
• Small transient bleeding
• Transient pain
• Localized redness
• Mild edema
• Allergic reactions

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